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Luke 4: 1 – 13

Now Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wild. For forty wilderness days and nights he was tested by the Devil. He ate nothing during those days, and when the time was up he was hungry.


The Devil, playing on his hunger, gave the first test: “Since you’re God’s Son, command this stone to turn into a loaf of bread.”

Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy: “It takes more than bread to really live.”


For the second test he led him up and spread out all the kingdoms of the earth on display at once. Then the Devil said, “They’re yours in all their splendour to serve your pleasure. I’m in charge of them all and can turn them over to whomever I wish. Worship me and they’re yours, the whole works.”


Jesus refused, again backing his refusal with Deuteronomy: “Worship the Lord your God and only the Lord your God. Serve him with absolute single-heartedness.”


For the third test the Devil took him to Jerusalem and put him on top of the Temple. He said, “If you are God’s Son, jump. It’s written, isn’t it, that ‘he has placed you in the care of angels to protect you; they will catch you; you won’t so much as stub your toe on a stone’?”


“Yes,” said Jesus, “and it’s also written, ‘Don’t you dare tempt the Lord your God.’”

That completed the testing. The Devil retreated temporarily, lying in wait for another opportunity.




It’s usually around this time of year, when we give up on our New Years’ resolutions. “It’s too cold to go for a run today”, “I’ll just have one more”. At the moment, I need to go to and pick up my gym membership, but I really want to stay inside and have a hot chocolate.


We like being comfortable. We don’t like leaving our comfort zone. Through this scripture, we see Jesus fighting with the Devil. We see the Devil trying to make Jesus comfortable, tempting him to prove who he is. And each time, we see Jesus fight back and prove to the Devil, that he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone but God.


As we enter Lent, we try to put ourselves into Jesus’ situation by taking something we enjoy and find comfort in away. We are also asked to put our complete trust and faith in God. Through all of the temptations that we encounter, God will always be at our side. We are invited to deepen our faith with God, to keep us safe when we feel uncomfortable and tempted.


Jonny Dearden

Salesian Volunteer





As we enter the Lenten season,

Lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.




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